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[Chinese;Japenese;Dirty Knees;Look At These]

So here's to teenage romance and wondering why it hurts so much..

24 December
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[x]I effing love music♥♥
[x]I effing love photography♥♥
[x]I effing love my family♥♥
[x]I effing love my friends♥♥
[x]I effing love cigarettes♥♥


[x] Steve Miller Band
[x] The Spin Doctors
[x] The Spill Canvas
[x] The Bravery
[x] Jack Off Jill
[x] The Allman Brothers
[x] Twiztid [I effing love Monoxide]
[x] Insane Clown Posse
[x] LeTigre

&& Many more ♥♥