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__Color My World ♥ - [Chinese;Japenese;Dirty Knees;Look At These]

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Previous Entry __Color My World ♥ Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 11:50 am Next Entry
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Started making colorbars! Finally found out how to do it so now im like woohoo!
If anyone wants one let me know ^_^ Moms going to the doc today..hopefully she'll be released so she can go back to work. FOUR more days til I turn sixteen!! I seriously can't wait! Tiff is supposedly comming over on my bday and xmas but idk because even though her moms really nice, shes really family oriented. Went to sleep extremely early last night lol..im sucha dork. Nobody ever leaves me comments on my journal =[ I found a bunch of my MAC make-up that I dont use anymore. Some of it's new but idk what to do with it.
I was thinking of either a) selling it or b) giving it away..Watching Blair Witch 2 and im about to eat but anyways..I'll write more later!
Mood;;: hungryHungry♥
Tunes;;: [[Blair Witch 2♥]]
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