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Previous Entry Bump Bump Bump Aug. 15th, 2006 @ 07:42 pm Next Entry
Yaaaa okay..Sooo let's see..Over the past week or two I've concluded many things I want/need out of life. Here they are!

[x] A really nice pair of dread falls
[x] A better Mp3 player
[x] Really big headphones
[x] A never ending supply of Camel menthol wides
[x] To forever be best friends with Lala
[x] To go to the Gathering one year with Stevie
[x] To get some new MAC make-up
[x] For my madre to be happy
oh, and
[x] To get a really great girlfriend. Not just a psycho bitch like usual, but a really great girl. One I can really be with.

So yeah.

Today was alright. Went and chilled by the pool for the day. Yesterday I went to the beach with Tessa and we went to Funland. I played a game of DDR and we went on some rides. There was this really great ride called Chaos and it flips you over and shit. Me and Tess went on it, then me and my mum went on it. Oh yeah, we also went on the Sea Dragon a couple times and Tess and I went on the umbrellas and this guy was counting everytime we went around and I thought he was gonna pull out a gun and shoot us on the count of ten. WHACKJOB. Complete. I wanted to go to Claires and get some body jewelry but couldn't because they wouldn't stop the car and shit. Eh.

I'm gonna go. Now. So yeah. Peace peace.
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