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Previous Entry & Bitch Bitch Bitch♥ Dec. 23rd, 2005 @ 04:53 pm Next Entry
So yeah, today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Didn't really do anything but tommarow I'll be SIXTEEN!!! WOOSH! I can't wait. Tuesday im going with Lauren to Main Street to look for a job..Lauren wants to work at Coldstone =] I'm not sure if I mentioned that yesterday and I don't even remember if I wrote yesterday..Tonight mums making lasagna and we're gonna chow. So anyways. Jaden is playing with his booster seat and eating. I hope Tiff comes over tommarow to chill and stuff. Moms bitching at me to get offline so I should go. I'll write more later though so no worries. xoDollie
Mood;;: aggravatedDon't Fucking Bitch Me♥
Tunes;;: [[Madonna;;Hung Up♥]]
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