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Previous Entry Cause he's the gangsta of love♥ Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 05:00 pm Next Entry
I talked to Stevie today!! He can finally come over because Aunt Merrys gone..
Ah I miss my little Beaver Boy! One of the biggest jokes we have is lauren always says "Im gonna marry into the military" and Stevies in the Navy..lmao..
I know those kidds are gonna get married someday and I'm gonna laugh so hard when they do..Mum left with Mark for awhile to go to Uncle Matt's..Mark brought over a computer for me and mum so now I can update my lj while mum plays Pogo..♥..Lauren left *tear* so now I really know she wont be here for Christmas..She named her IZ Micheal St. James after Micheal Alig and James St. James aka our favorite party monsters..I'd love to meet them someday..Same with Roderick Justin Ferrell because I'd love to know the story of the actual Vampire Clan..I hope I can get a job at the new coffee shop/art gallery bistro down on main street because it seems so rad..Thats my new thing hoping for find a job..Jaden's awake now so I'll write more again later..xoDollie
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