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Previous Entry Early Xmas♥ Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:31 pm Next Entry
OMG! Last night was amazing. Lauren came over with presents and got me some of the most awesome-est things! She got me a Care Bears poster, a HUGE pack of earrings♥ and gave me 5 bucks!! Soooooooooo friggin happy! She also got Jade 2 cute little books and gave my mum a candle that smells soooo good! She also got me eyeliner which THANK GOD I got because I look so dead without it! I fucking love my Lala!! Mum and I made Egg/Potato salad and BBQ Mini meatballs last night..We almost ate all the meatballs cause they were so good. We couldn't though because they're for my birthday party. I really hope Mark comes over for my birthday because he's so cool and maybe he'll bring Ari!! I haven't seen her in forever..She's Mark's youngest daughter..I can't wait to turn sixteen..We're going over Jenny's house for Christmas (she's my mum's cousin)..I hope Aunt Lo gets me something for Xmas because she gets me some cool stuff. I still need to wrap Lala's present ♥ Well I have to go for now! xoDollie
Mood;;: impressedOh La La! ♥
Tunes;;: [[RHCP-Give It Away♥]]
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