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&& She became the drug addict, not me♥ - [Chinese;Japenese;Dirty Knees;Look At These]

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Previous Entry && She became the drug addict, not me♥ Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 05:37 pm Next Entry
Hilarious. So I sit here talkin to lauren and reading liz's myspace. "Drugs" lmffao..So after all, I wasn't the one to become the biggest drug addict in connecticut. I always knew out of my group, Liz would be the drug addict, Lauren's gonna be the pregnant one, and Tiffany's gonna be a stripper. Wow..
Lauren wont even get a job yet. She's maybe a half a mile from some stores and yet she wont even get a job..Shiiiit, the day I turn sixteen (in 4 days) I'll be out lookin for a job. I expect im not going over there today since I laughed my ass off when I found out liz was a druggie and lauren hung up..whatever fuck them both then..I'm not trying to burn my bridges but wtf, now liz is the best thing in the fuckin world..I wont be hanging out with lauren as much after tiff comes back because lauren puts so much stress on me and I cant deal anymore. ill sit here and watch movies and shit all day it doesnt fucking matter to me..I dont need haley hanging all over me and screaming in my ears or her dog sniffing me..I found out im getting this wikkid pink argyle sweater for xmas too! It looks effing awesome..I mean, this is fucking retarded lauren being such a bitch. Listening to LeTigre now..I love them ^_^ Aunt Merry thinks shes going into labor but who the hell knows..
At least when she has the baby mum can use her car unless Pam does..Boykittys been so good all day just lounging around and sleeping ♥ I gotta wait for mum to get home so I can run to the store with mark and get a soda or something..I think I might let my hair grow out again cause I need a new look..
I hope dad sends me some money for my bday because I needa get new clothes if Imma find a job..I'm thinking of maybe applying at this new coffee shop/art gallery down on main street but idk because if they do hire me idk what im gonna wear..Mums been gone since 12:39 and I've just been hanging out all day..
I really wanna watch A Clockwork Orange one more time before we gotta return it..Well im gonna go for now ^_^ ♥ xoDollie
Mood;;: anxiousAnxious♥
Tunes;;: [[Billy Talent;; Hook Line and Sinker]]
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