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Previous Entry [[Time goes by ;;♥ so slowly' )) Dec. 19th, 2005 @ 04:02 pm Next Entry
Ah..so anyways..today I got so pissed at my nutritionist. Okay, so first they switched my appointments around so I had to go see Dr Jolly aka my foot doctor first then Pat the bitch..This HOTT doctor came in and trimmed my benign tumor/ warts down (ew.) then the doctor came in and scedueled an appointment for me to get them removed by laser. Okay, everything went well so far..then I reeeeally wanted a cigarette so I sat and asked my mom for about 10 minutes before Pat showed up. She's always fucking late >.< Okay..then we went to her office and she looked at my food list and bitched for about 15 minutes before she went into her "choices" speech. Ugh. I got so pissed because she wasn't understanding that after 1 poptart I wasn't full. No, not a pack of poptarts that consists of 2, but 1 fucking poptart. Ugh. So I walked out and went to have a cigarette at the car aka mark's truck..Maybe I should go back to Diane aka my former therepist. So right now im waiting for my mom to go to sunoco so I can get a soda. GAWD. Okay, well im done ranting ^_^ xoDollie
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